Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstruction is done to restore the form and function. Patients with head and neck cancer would require reconstruction as a part of treatment. At ANVI ENT & HEAD NECK HOSPITAL, Our expert team of Head & Neck Surgeons would thoroughly evaluate individual patients and would come up with reconstructive surgery options as appropriate, which is discussed with patients and their care givers before finalizing the plan. All types of head and neck reconstruction are done by our team with excellent results.

Tongue Reconstruction:

Tongue is a vital organ required for diverse functions. Apart from taste sensation, it helps in chewing, swallowing, speaking. Patient undergoing surgical removal of tongue due to cancer require reconstruction to maintain bulk, which helps in speech and swallowing. Depending on the volume loss, different flaps are used for achieving the desired result.

tongue reconstruction after cancer surgery

Cheek Reconstruction:

Goal of any reconstruction is to achieve ideal form and function. Complex cheek defects following surgery of cancers are reconstructed with flaps. It helps patients to achieve functions like speaking, swallowing as well as decreasing morbidity.

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