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Cashless treatment Under BSKY Scheme

ANVI ENT & HEAD NECK Hospital is empanelled under BSKY (Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana) scheme, a flagship health scheme of Govt. Of Odisha. This scheme is a paradigm shift in health care delivery system in India. Under this scheme patients are receiving cashless treatment.

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ANVI ENT & HEAD NECK HOSPITAL is a dedicated center for patients with Ear, Nose, Throat disease and Head Neck Cancers (Mouth Cancer, Throat Cancer, Nose and Sinus tumors, Thyroid Tumors and Cancers, Salivary gland tumors and cancers). We are committed to provide quality treatment at affordable cost. Dedicated team of doctors, trained from institutes of national and international repute, along with trained nursing and support staffs working to provide quality services to patients, are back bone of this hospital.

ANVI ENT & HEAD NECK HOSPITAL is the first hospital in the state of odisha, offering dedicated and focused service for patients suffering from ear, nose, throat diseases and head neck cancers. It is a comprehensive center offering all kind of diagnostic services and treatment facilities related to this speciality. Equipped with modern and most advanced instruments & technology we are performing complex and advanced treatments with excellent results. Dr Nishikanta Tripathy & Dr Neha Gupta are the visionary founders of this hospital. Empathetic Care and dedicated Service to build unparalleled Trust, amongst patients in particular and the society in general, is the motto of our organization.

Patient centric care and services add a special dimension to our hospital. We perform all kind of ear, nose and throat surgeries including very advanced and complex ones. Head and neck cancer surgery, microvascular reconstructions of head and neck defects, skull base tumor surgery are performed at very affordable cost.

Our Doctors

Dr Nishikanta Tripathy

Dr Nishikanta Tripathy, Director & Senior Consultant

Dr Nishikanta Tripathy is co-founder and director of ANVI ENT & HEAD NECK HOSPITAL. He has completed his MBBS from SCB Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack, a premier institute in the state of Odisha. After completion of MBBS, He pursued his MS degree (ENT & Head Neck Surgery) from PGI, Chandigarh, an institute of national and international repute. He was awarded “Bronze medal” for his academic excellence during the period of his studies. He completed DNB in ENT from National Board of Examination, New Delhi, and was awarded “S Kameshwaran Gold Medal” in recognition of his merit. He pursued his training in Head and Neck Surgical Oncology from Tata Medical Center Kolkata, as fellow in Head & Neck Surgery department. He also has Fellowship training in Head & Neck surgical Oncology from Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai. He has worked as senior resident in the department of Otolaryngology & Head Neck Surgery, LTMMC & GH, Sion, Mumbai. He has worked with Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan and was instrumental in starting Head Neck Surgery department there. He returned to Odisha with vision to create a world class Ear, Nose, Throat and Head Neck Cancer Institute. He has authored many research publications in several national and international medical journals. He has also presented many Oral and poster presentations in state and national conferences. Dr Tripathy has vast experience in treating head and neck cancer patients. He performs onco-surgical procedures for mouth (oral) cancer, throat (Pharynx) cancer, Voice box (Larynx) cancer, nose & sinus cancer, Neck cancer, skin cancer of Head & neck region. Apart from these surgeries, he performs Thyroid surgeries; Parathyroid surgeries; Parotid & Salivary gland surgeries; Endoscopic nasal, sinus & skull base surgeries; Temporal bone surgeries. He has vast experience in reconstruction of head and neck defect; complex reconstructions including microvascular free flap surgery. To his credit, He has published many research papers in reputed national and international journals. He has also presented oral papers and posters in national and state conferences.

4 Dr Neha Gupta

Dr Neha Gupta, Director & Senior Consultant

Dr Neha Gupta is co-founder and director of ANVI ENT & HEAD NECK HOSPITAL. Dr Neha Gupta has graduated (MBBS) from Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College, Raipur, a premier institute in the state of Chattisgarh. She was awarded certificate of Merit for academic excellence during graduation. She has completed post-graduate training in ENT & Head Neck Surgery from prestigious PGIMER, Chandigarh & DNB from National Board of Examiation, New Delhi. She had worked as senior resident in the department of Otolaryngology & Head Neck Surgery, LTMMC & GH, Sion Mumbai. She has undergone training fellowship in Head Neck Surgery & reconstruction from Tata Medical Center, Kolkata. She was working as Consultant ENT & Head Neck Surgeon at Narayana Multispeciality Hospital Jaipur before coming back to odisha. Dr Gupta has vast experience in treating diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat & head and neck cancer. She performs all otologic surgerical procedure including surgery for tympanic membrane perforation (Tympanoplasty), Mastoidectomy (For Unsafe Ear), hearing loss (Stapedotomy), Pinna surgery. She has special interest in Endoscopic nasal & sinus surgeries (FESS), Skull base surgeries, Surgeries for CSF rhinnorhoea, Optic nerve Surgeries (For Traumatic Loss of vision), Endoscopic Pituitary surgeries, Phonosurgeries (Voice surgery), Facial nerve surgeries (For Facial Palsy). She also performs Head Neck cancer surgeries, Thyroid Surgeries, Parotid Surgeries. To her credit, she has published research papers in reputed national and international journals. She has also presented oral papers and posters in national and state conferences.

ANVI Center of Excellence

ANVI Ear, Nose, Throat Center of Excellence

ANVI Ear, Nose & Throat Center is providing comprehensive treatment for ENT diseases. ENT OPD (Out Patient Department) is equipped with endoscopy facility, where Oto-endoscopy (Endoscopic evaluation of Ear), Nasal Endoscopy (Endoscopic Evaluation of Nose), Laryngoscopy (Endoscopic evaluation of Throat) are performed. Audiology facilities are also available for assessing hearing loss and providing hearing aids. We are also having special clinics for patients suffering from Vertigo (Vertigo Clinic), Thyroid Tumors and cancers (Thyroid Clinics), Head & Neck Cancers (Tumor Board).

Otology (Ear) Clinic

Ear is a special sensory organ which is the organ for hearing and maintaining balance of body. Anatomically ear is divided into three parts- External ear, Middle Ear and Inner Ear. Hence ear diseases can have different and varied symptoms, depending on part of ear affected. Common symptoms of ear diseases are Decreased hearing, Blockage sensation in ear, Ear Pain, Watery or Pus discharge from ear, Ringing sensation in ear, Reeling of head (Vertigo and Imbalance), Facial paralysis. Know more..

Rhinology (Nose) Clinic

Nose is an organ for breathing and smell. It determines beauty of face. Diseases of nose can affect it’s function leading to trouble in breathing and smell or when structure of nose is affected it may lead to cosmetic deformities of nose. Common diseases conditions of nose and paranasal sinuses are chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, hypertrophy of turbinates, tumors of nose and paranasal sinuses. Common symptoms of nose and paranasal sinus diseases are nasal blockage, nasal discharge, sneezing, bleeding from nose, headache, facial pain, deformity of noses etc. At ANVI Ear, Nose & Throat Center we have facilities for diagnosis and treatment of all nose and sinus disease conditions. Know more...

Throat & Voice Clinic

Mouth and throat (Naso-pharynx, Oropharynx, Layngopharynx) constitute the organ for speech, breathing and swallowing. These are very critical anatomic areas which are concerened with vital functions. Diseases of these sites affects swallowing, speech and breathing. Majority of head and neck cancer are seen in these areas. Common non-malignant (non-cancerous) conditions affecting these sites are tonsillitis, adenoid hypertrophy (Common amongst children), pharyngitis, laryngitis, vocal nodules and polyps. Common symptoms of these conditions are pain and ulcer in mouth, difficulty in speech and swallowing, neck swelling, referred pain to ear etc. Know more..

ANVI Head & Neck Cancer Center

Cancer is a group of disease, where there is abnormal cell growth and these cells are capable of invading surrounding tissue and spread to other sites. Not all tumors are cancerous. Some tumors are benign and they do not spread. Cancers arising in mouth, throat, neck, nose & sinuses, thyroid gland and parotid gland are included in head & neck cancer.

Treatment of head & neck cancer is multimodal, requiring participation of multiple inter-related disciplines. Head neck surgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, reconstructive surgeon, speech and swallowing therapist, pain and palliative care specialist all have role at different stage of treatment of head & neck cancer patients. Curative treatment intent for bringing back patient to his / her normal life, whereas palliative treatment has immense importance to maintain a good quality of life in face of incurable disease. Surgery forms mainstay of curative treatment for these cancers. The extent of surgery depends on the stage of disease and loco-regional infiltration by tumor. Goal of surgery is complete removal of tumor along with part of normal tissue all around. Head and neck area is concerned not only with important functions like speech, swallowing, breathing, but also cosmetic appearance. So following surgical removal of tumor some functions and cosmesis are compromised. So appropriate reconstruction of surgical defect is essential for minimizing functional and cosmetic deficits. Our Team of doctors (Dr Nishikanta Tripathy & Dr Neha Gupta) are performing advanced and complex head and neck cancer surgeries with excellent results. Best Head Neck cancer specialist in bhubaneswar are available at our hospital for consultation. Know more…

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Sipra RoutSipra Rout
19:07 23 Apr 23
A bone was growing inside my left ear. Because of this I was having hearing and sometime nausea. After operation I am feeling comfortable and regained my hearing. Thank you Dr Nishikant sir .You are truly a great doctor and humble man. The hospital was also very good and staffs are well behaved and so much . Caring. Thank you ANVI ENT 🙂
Asit MishraAsit Mishra
11:50 10 Dec 22
Dr nishikant tripathi is really a awesome doctor very kind hearted doctor, highly recommend to all.they are providing very good service with affordable prices.
Ganakalyan BeheraGanakalyan Behera
12:08 12 Oct 22
Dr Nishikant and Dr Neha are highly competent doctors.One of the best ENT and Head and neck surgery setup in Bhubaneswar.
Prince GuptaPrince Gupta
01:42 08 Jan 22
I liked the hospital because there is good care of the patients thangs all of you
14:07 16 Feb 21
Super hospital , I am a patient of Dr Nisikant Tripathi and Neha Gupta. I am Shashikant sahoo , throat patient, now i want to meet again my doctors because now i am suffer in that throat disease ( bad condition ) also.
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